4 02, 2017

Is Facebook a non-state actor? [ARTICLE] for Justitias Welt

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Is Facebook a non-state actor?

3 02, 2017

Ruth & The Power of Redemption

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18 09, 2016

Jim Caviezel Testimony – Awesome!

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7 08, 2016

Democracy in decline…all human political systems must be tested!

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All human systems must be tested. Since the turn of the new millennium, democracy as a political system has failed in several key states and begun a gradual decline (Diamond 2016, 151). Diamond argues that democracies, especially large influential ones (USA, UK) are becoming increasingly "dysfunctional," losing its grip as the preferred governmental regime type. [...]

9 01, 2016

New blog and 2016

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Dale discusses the launch of his new blog and website: DaleAnderson.org and his perspective on the coming year 2016. I made a few changes :)

21 12, 2015

Who Can We Trust?

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I want to invite you on a journey. The world is changing, dramatically, even as we speak. Armies are on the move, criminal organizations traffic human bodies and illicit drugs, financial institutions are failing…times are tough! Who has the answers to these complex issues? Who can solve injustice and restore hope? In short, ‘Who [...]